Can't get sound bar to work.

I bought this sound bar from Dish. The installer couldn't get the unit to work with the HDMI cable so he hooked it up using that little single wire. I didn't know this until I tried to install a firestick. I plugged the HDMI cable into all of the TV HDMI connectors and no sound just shuts off the TV speakers.
First what is that little wire for and where does it hook into the TV?
How can I get the HDMI to work?


  • It sounds as though your TV doesn't have an HDMI output, only HDMI inputs (if you can tell us the make and model number of your TV we could check). In all likelihood the installer used the Toslink digital connection. It is probably best to reconnect the Toslink digital connection. If this was a recent installation can you contact Dish them to return for help?
  • pw91686
    pw91686 Posts: 8
    did you try an optical cable?
    and yeah, if using hdmi, make sure it is the hdmi OUT on tv
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