Building a Reserve System.

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Hell all,
I know there is already a Reserve Thread but I wanted to talk about building a system.
As I'm in the market checking different speakers , for some reason this line really caught my eye.
I watched all the videos and read over the spec's. The only thing I'm little uncomfortable with compared to everything else I'm considering is the Vinyl finishes.

So IF the finish is executable to me, I like all 3 color options especially the White , I've been thinking about designing a system. I currently run a 5.2.2 Atmos system with Def Tech and want something different. I want to get away from Powered Towers as in my room using subwoofers in the left and right location isn't the best place for bass. I have 2 stand alone Subs placed very well in my room and get very even smooth bass.

I plan on using my dual subs and my Atmos speakers I currently have. I'm also going to add 2 more Atmos speakers so I can have Top Middle and Front Heights. This will give me a 5.2.4 system.

So let's talk about some possible builds.

I really like the idea of wall mounting all floor level speakers. The R350 is this build should be badass.

MAINS - R350 hung on wall Tweeter center of TV height.
CENTER - R350 Mounted directly above TV to avoid First order reflections off the Salamander cabinet top. If I mounted the Center below , I would have to treat the top of the cabinet, The wife decorates the top of the cabinet so that's not going to work.
SURROUNDS - R350's mounted to 72 inches to the Tweeters. They will also e 90 Degrees off to the sides of my seating area. Where my Mythos 10's currently live.

Going Bookshelf speakers as Mains piss me off. The reason isn't the bookshelf design it's the stupid stands you need to buy to use them properly. Getting them at the right height and getting stands that are very sturdy and help with the Decor. So far I can't find a pair of stands I like. I would want a pair of stands that would compliment the Bookshelf speakers. Look as good as the hold them.
I'd also prefer Polk to make some stand options and make the bookshelf speakers with threads on the bottom so you can bolt them to the stands.

MAINS - R200 on Sands ( if I can ever find a pair I like )
CENTER - R400 ( sitting on top of my Salamander stand slightly angled up to avoid First order reflections off the wood top and to get the tweeter to ear height on sonic delivery )
SURROUNDS - R350 Mounted just like SYSTEM 1

Yes Floor standing speakers AGAIN , not really what I really want to do but finding stands sucks. I'm even in the business and can't find anything I like at all so far except Monitor Audio makes very nice stands for their speaker and look awesome BUT going with the Reserve speakers and using floor standing takes away the madness of finding suitable stands YES I'm very picky.

MAINS - R500 or R600. Both speakers are intriguing. I think either would work out very well. I like them a lot but only due to not getting bookshelf , which is what I really want to give a serious rub.
CENTER - R400 ( on the Salamander just like SYSTEM 2
SURROUNDS - R350 Mounted just like SYSTEM 1.

So IF I like the Reserve series enough to pull the trigger on a system, I'm not really sure what system I will go with. I'm leaning the strongest in SYSTEM 2 build but the stands are killing me. I hate all of them as they all look generic. Polk should really offer stands of different heights or come with different poles that you can change out to make them the height you need them to be .
All builds are a strong consideration but I would love to hear them and make decisions.

Colors most likely will be White but I'm not out on the other 2 colors.
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