Analysis Plus Oval 9 8 foot pair with spades

Selling one of my pairs of Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable Not flipping just have decided I am no longer bi wiring so this can go. I have used Analysis Plus cables for many many years as they seem to be a great bang for the buck and every time I try something else I come back to AP. Many reviews online This is an 8 foot pair with spades on both ends The chunkier ones are on the speaker ends . In nice shape asking just $265 Thanks



  • nooshinjohn
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    Why are you selling them? what were your impressions of them in your system, and what gear were you using them with? What are you replacing them with, and what makes these stand out compared to other cables you have tried?
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    Don’t you know that you need 3000 posts to sell stuff here?
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    Good price gents and nice cables.
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    February 27 edited February 27
    Well thank you I little surprised this is still a thing. To be clear for those who missed it I will NO LONGER be posting things for sale .
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  • maxward
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    Seriously, nice cables. My AP jumpers made a good impression.
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    As I indicated I am no longer bi wiring I still use AP Oval 9 just not going to use 2 runs I have used Oval 9 in one form or another for 20 years I have tried various AQ ,MIT,Anti Cable and such and for whatever reason the Oval 9 tends to just sound more real or organic. It seems to pick up the micro cues (venue) that make t just sound more real. I also like older AQ AudioTruth . This one is a transition piece made between the purple and black and the yellow and black They did the same thing with the Copper Oval IC Talked to the late Mark M a number of times including about his color choices Was a good laugh.
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