A good customer service story...

I figured I should share a good customer service story on here involving Polk speakers and... Crutchfield. I recently found myself needing a pair of on-wall surround speakers to go with a passive soundbar and subwoofer to finish off my revamped 5.1 family room system. I didn't want to spend a ton, and I found an open-box deal on a pair of Polk FXi A4 from Crutchfield that would be perfect for my situation.

Well, they arrived and I hung them on the wall, and tested them with some music as a stereo pair. Immediately, I noticed one speaker was lacking in bass... it turned out to be all tweeter and no woofer. I also noticed a small dent on the bottom front edge, and upon closer inspection, there was a hairline crack. The way they pack these things, there's no way this happened in shipping, so it's safe to assume that whoever returned these likely dropped them. Crutchfield says all outlet items are fully tested, but it seems they failed with this one speaker.

But, here's where Crutchfield shines... A quick call - and I mean like a total of 3-5 minutes on the phone - and they were shipping me a brand new pair of speakers! Once they heard the problem, they offered to fully refund me for the purchase, replace them with anything else I wanted with a full credit, or send me a brand new pair. I just wanted working Polk speakers, so the last option was a no-brainer. Crutchfield offers 1-day shipping to MD, so the entire ordeal (from open-box order to brand new replacement) played out within one week, which was pretty impressive.

Crutchfield knows how to do customer service, period. I've been dealing with them for many years, and this was just the latest example of the top-notch service I've always received. Yes, they made a mistake in selling me the open-box speakers in the first place, but quickly made up for their mistake, and then some. They really do live up to their reputation as one of the best online retailers.