Plugging speakers and wireless transmitter into same Speaker jacks

bobdylan1987 Posts: 1
I have a Lepai LP7498E stereo which is rated 2 x 160 watts into 4 ohms, 2 x 120 watts into 6 ohms, 2 x 100 watts into 8 ohms. It has 5way speaker jacks for only one set of speakers. It does not have any other outputs.

I have 4 Polk R15s which are 8 ohms.

I would like to plug one set of speakers as well as a wireless receiver into the speaker jacks.

I was thinking of using this Rocketfish wireless transmitter/receiver. From what I could gather online:

Transmitter: Maximum audio input signal: 11 V RMS into 120 ohms
Receiver: Audio output power 2 x 30 W (RMS) into 4ohms

Would this set up work? How would I go about wiring this together. Series or Parallel?

Thanks for the input!


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