I’m trying to remove my tweeters from my monitor 10a speaker, but the wires are soldered to the tweeter how would I remove it?


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    Either desolder at the terminals with a solder sucker or "desoldering braid"-- or snip the wires some convenient length behind the tweeter -- and reconnect the wires when you're finished doing... whatever it is you want to do.

    If you're not comfortable with soldering, the latter approach is probably safer. Too much heat applied at the terminals on the tweeter could do damage to the tweeter's fine wiring and/or its voicecoil.

    Ideally, when the cut leads are reconnected, you should solder the connections and insulate with either heatshrink tubing or electrical tape. If you can't or really don't want to solder the reconnected wires, small wirenuts would OK and even just twisting together and insulating with electrical tape or heatshrink will work -- not "best practices", though. :#

    Assuming the tweeter (Peerless?) on the speaker has tabs, the tweeter wires can be retrofit with crimp-on quick connectors if you wish.


    I usually crimp and solder (FWIW) this type of connector onto a wire.

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