POLK Magnifi Max SR audio input.

Hello all, I got a question. Does the soundbar accept pcm input?

From the Nintendo switch and the ps4 or Chromecast? And set that over to 5.1?

Or does it accept DT plus?

Thanks! Don't know much about audio files or something. But last time I mistake myself in thise and doesn't have 5.1 audio.


  • Flb05443
    Flb05443 Posts: 7
    Hello, I also encountered this problem. I wonder if you can solve it?
  • BlueFox
    BlueFox Posts: 14,493
    Spammer sarapolson reported.
    Lumin X1 file player
    Sony XA-5400ES SACD
    Pass XP-22 pre, X600.5 amps
    Magico S5 MKII Mcast Rose speakers, SPOD spikes

    Shunyata Triton v3/Typhon QR on source, Denali 2000 (2) on amps
    Shunyata Sigma XLR analog ICs, Sigma speaker cables
    Shunyata Sigma HC (2), Sigma Analog, Sigma Digital, Z Anaconda (3) power cables

    Mapleshade Samson V.3 four shelf solid maple rack, Micropoint brass footers
    Three 20 amp circuits.
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