My new (used) CD source, a Denon DVD-2930ci!

I was looking for a good used CD player for my stereo set up, something with a good DAC but that wouldn't break the bank. I ended up scoring this used 8 year old Denon DVD player for $60. It was $849 new! It has the Burr Brown DAC chipset I was after, and so far I'm loving the sound. My only immediate complaint is that the power cable sits very loose in the back. It is a 2 prong power cable input, but came with a normal 3 prong cable. So maybe I need to replace that. But so far this seems like a screaming deal for a nice sounding player. Of course it does a lot of video stuff I don't need, and a dedicated audio only player would be better, but I don't think I'd easily be able to beat the price. It is in great condition and so far I'm stoked. Oh, and that receiver is my new Outlaw Audio RR2150, which I love. It is running out to a 20 year old pair of (great condition and incredibly lovely sounding) Boston Acoustics Lynnfield 400Ls, which I picked up for $500 of Craigslist from a former Boston rep. He threw in the Monster cables for free. I got this stereo rack for free from my local buy nothing group, and got the Technics 1200 (almost new) turntable for free from a radio station that was shutting down. So far, I think I'm killing it in the budget audiophile realm. But most importantly, I LOVE the sound of this system.


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    They all had just a 2 prong IEC. If it is a cheap factory power card you can do much better. Pangea makes a very nice inexpensive cable 14ga and nice ends.

    I've had both the 2900 and 3910 both ended up music only after their movie only use. Both were great surround sound and two channel players. Your 2930ci had a lot of technology from Denons last great totl 5910 player.
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    Nejji wrote: »
    So far, I think I'm killing it in the budget audiophile realm. But most importantly, I LOVE the sound of this system.

    I agree on both points. Congrats and enjoy!
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    I've had a number of the Denon decks, including the 2910, 3910, and a couple others and each of them were outstanding sounding players. Some of them had sticky drawers, but that was the only problem I ever had with them and they were tremendous bang for the buck. Your post implies a photo but I don't see any photo attached.
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    I had a few of them myself including the 3910CI. I also have power cords laying around if you need one, hit me up.
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    I've been using a 2910 in my main system for CD/SACD/DVD-A music. I did have to replace the laser pickup but it still works good a new for many years. I've pondering doing some upgrades to it.

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