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Hello friends. Soon I will have the crossovers rebuilt for my sda-srs 2.3tl speakers. I still need two things done. First the speaker cones are very dusty as I ran them with no front cover for years. How do I clean them without damage?
Second, They could use new speaker grill cloth, mainly on the front. I am hoping I can just re cover the fronts as the sides look to be a big pain, plus the sides are not really as exposed or dirty/worn as the front. Where and what type cloth do you suggest that matches good? I do not want cheap junk cloth if possible. Thanks for any help you can offer.


  • ken brydson
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    Original Windex on a lint free cloth to clean the drivers. I've heard places like JoAnn's fabric stores carry a decent material to recover the grills. Others will probably chime in with other options.
  • hytekrednek
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    I do regret running them for so long without the front covers in place. They are very dirty. They just look so great without the front grills, I couldn't resist.
  • pitdogg2
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    Use two hands to support the driver and keep the rag wet with original Windex. I'd take the coth with you to the fabric store to get as close as possible.

    Remember they are doped paper they should be shiny and sticky do not try and scrub it off.

  • nooshinjohn
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    Call Magnepan and ask them for the cloth they use on the MG-20.7 This is by far the best looking grill cloth I have seen, and is exceptionally shear, and easy to work with. It is acoustically transparent and imparts nothing whatsoever on the sound of the speaker itself. It is not cheap, but it is well worth the money.
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  • Mike Reeter
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    Spray the Windex directly onto the cloth and wipe the drivers in a slow circular motion. DO NOT spray the drivers.

    I used this Grill Cloth many times, it's heavy and not as transparent as some, but it's a very close match to the original material.
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  • hytekrednek
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    awesome. Thank you
  • ken brydson
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  • VR3
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    The upper end grill cloth parts express sells, it's like 30 a yard is phenomenal and very black compared to a very dark gray like most grill cloth
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