HTS 10 not resuming from standby a common problem?

Hi all,
my brand new HTS 10 will not resume from standby. It works fine at first when you connect it to the power, but as soon as it goes into standby it will never get back out of it, unless you do a full power cycle.
I've tried everything, changing cables, increasing the sub output, changing the crossover, connecting it to a different power plug... nothing (btw, same receiver and old sub, never had an issue with the standby).
I think it's faulty, also because if I turn it on (green light), switch it to "DC control" (red light) and then back to "auto" it locks immediately (the light stays red an will not resume).
I've found a couple of reviews on Amazon and another thread for the same issue here, but the thread is marked as "answered" without really a solution... And I've seen a lot of comments about Polk taking a long time to answer support requests.
Is this a common problem? Does anyone one knows how Polk fixes it?

Thank you :)

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  • Hi, is this issue already been resolved? I am in the same situation right now. :(
  • lestat78
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    JeffBernal wrote: »
    Hi, is this issue already been resolved? I am in the same situation right now. :(

    Hi Jeff, apparently there is no fix for this, even Polk support could not help.
    I had to contact the seller and replace the whole unit; the new one has been working perfectly ever since.

  • Thanks lestat78. That’s great to know. So now, being in stand by mode is not an issue anymore? It resume operation without any intervention? I was using the unit for a month now and I thought it is normal. Good thing I saw this thread, alerting me that somethinf might be wrong with my sub. Its just weird that I am seeing other people with the same issue that’s why I thought this is normal.
  • lestat78
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    It's not normal, but it seems there are a few defective units with it.
    After having it replace it work as it should, so it goes on standby after some minutes of inactivity and always resumes correctly few seconds after a signal it is send to it; look into having it replaced, it is the only solution.
    Glad this helped!
  • lestat78
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    JeffBernal wrote: »
    I got Polk Philippines send me a firmware update file. I run it to my unit and it solved my problem. It now runs good!! I am stating it here so other people with the same problem might see this useful to solve their issue. :)

    That's great to know, thanks for sharing this and I've marked you reply as the answer to my question; maybe when this happened to my unit, Polk support did not have enough cases to correct via firmware (the model was fairly recent back then).
  • Mig74
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    Hi !
    Same issue on a brand new HTS 12 with a Denon x2600.
    Do you know where I can get the last firmware?
    Thanks in advance for your help :-)
  • Mig74
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    I was on a call with Polk support in the US and they just informed me that there is no firmware update for the HTS 12.
    They sent me a list with things to check and it's just a joke.
    I think I will send the subwoofer back and order an SVS instead.
  • i am having the same standby issue. I have 2 subs hooked up to my receiver. the first unit is also a polk hts10 (purchased 4 months ago). that unit works perfectly- never even goes to standby. however, the second polk hts10 i just added- goes over to standby mode and will not respond. so... i am replacing the unit as we speak. since the first one worked so well... i am taking my chances by replacing with another hts10.
    tech help from polk suggested replacing subwoofer cord - NOT useful.
  • tbmbbb
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    SAME story on my HTS 10. Had the sub for a few months. Became aware of the flashing Red light. Determined the unit would not stay on. Talked to Polk Customer Service. They KNOW about the readers. DON'T accept the old email they want to send describing an involved procedure testing this or that. After they sent me that, it wasn't even for my HTS 10. Got a different Tech on the line, and he KNEW it was a defective Amp Board. You will need to provide them documentation for a replacement board (which the consumer installs themselves). Mine has not arrived yet. So photograph the serial number (sticker on back of unit, or shipping box, or on the Manual. Photo the original sales receipt, or screen shot of online purchase, and of course the incident report number they generate when you call in.

    It appears there is a defective board in the system which needs replaced by accessing it through the back panel. Summary: It's a known issue so be polite when you talk with them, and work until you get a seasoned Tech person.
  • archejdh
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    Same thing for me. My HTS-10 started the flashing red light back in October. Contacted customer support and was told me they were going to ship me a new amp board. I never received a shipping notice so I reached back out to them and they told me they were on back order until the week of 12/21/2020. Reached out again last week and they said they haven’t received them in their warehouse yet but they would be shipping one out as soon as they receive them. Hopeful that I’ll get one soon and that it’ll fix the problem.