Positive things from 2020.............

Thankfully no one was murdered by the murder hornets...................


  • Tony M
    Tony M Posts: 9,637
    The beginning of the Tampa Bay's Dynasty.
    The end of the Patriot's football dynasty.............
    I saw some of the Patriot's game. I saw after the half I think it was...Cam was benched and the 2nd stringer was in.

    The video controller kept going back to Cam to see his reactions to the continued slaughter even with him sitting it out now.

    I have to admit, Cam was stoic like a pro. B)

    The commentators were saying the Patriots don't get early draft pics for a couple of years to come, so this doesn't look good for their future.
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • Milito
    Milito Posts: 1,185
    It's getting ready to be gone.
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  • Tony M
    Tony M Posts: 9,637
    edited December 2020
    Thank God! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :)

    I already have a feeling this will be a short thread. :)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • NotaSuv
    NotaSuv Posts: 3,071
    yes a short thread but with all the dark and gloom hopefully a lil sunshine will be posted...........
  • maxward
    maxward Posts: 827
    Looking forward to a double shot (in the arm, that is).
  • nooshinjohn
    nooshinjohn Posts: 22,993
    maxward wrote: »
    Looking forward to a double shot (in the arm, that is).
    There are a few that could use a double tap out there...

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  • Tony M
    Tony M Posts: 9,637
    Yea, I got a lot of things done around here also. ;)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • xschop
    xschop Posts: 2,050
    This thread has survived 2020.... so far.

  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,245
    Maybe try a helicopter 🚁🚁🚁🚁
  • erniejade
    erniejade Posts: 5,534
    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Maybe try a helicopter 🚁🚁🚁🚁
    If I made @pitdogg2 money, I would be able to afford one! B)
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  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,245
    Trust me when I state you still would be shy by A LOT!!
  • mhardy6647
    mhardy6647 Posts: 27,161
    Clipdat wrote: »
    Every day on this planet is a gift.

    That is why it is called the Present.


    In all seriousness, we had a tear-off, Post-It kind of note pad that bore those two lines (more or less). It was a big pad, so I got to know it very well over the course of literally years of use.

  • boston1450
    boston1450 Posts: 6,722
    Not according to my ex wife. She hated speakers.
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  • audioluvr
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    It's over.
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  • BlueFox
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    LOL. That’s the truth. :)
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