Some ideas on LSi9 crossover

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So I've had a delight of working on a little LSi9 crossover project for one of our fellow Polk enthusiasts.

The idea behind the build was to replace as many electrolytic capacitors with proper indestructible KZK White Line polypropylenes, replace the stock resistors with non-inductive resistors with Ayrton-Perry winding, exercise point to point soldering around the crossover, replace the stock HF inductor coil but use the stock inductor coils for MF and LF (and keep them as further apart as possible) to keep the cost a little lower and make it all look and sound as pleasant as possible.

I love all things space so I codenamed the satellite-like HF crossover 'Sputnik' and the rover-like MF and LF crossover 'Lunokhod'.

Sharing is caring so here's the build.





MF and LF:





Sputnik-1 and Lunokhod-1:



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    Some final words,
    "If you keep banging your head against the wall,
    you're going to have headaches."
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    Dude that is awesome ! Like the names too.
  • Cheers! Let me know if you'd like me to put together something like that for you :)
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    Yeah, I want a Sputnik-1 but I don't think I will have the funds to launch it anytime soon ! Thanks !! LOL.
  • A pair of Sputniks would cost around 50 bucks. Variations are compatible with LSi25, LSi15, LSi9, LSi7 and LSiC. Compact, easy to install, indestructible and sounding really sweet.
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    I build my own. They are not nearly as nice as yours though. I may steal whatever I can figure out from yours to do my next set. LOL.
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    Great! Your build might be more compact if you choose to go a more costly mundorf or audyn way. I prefer KZK due to polycarbonate tube which makes them literally indestructible and easy to work with.
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    Yep. My build is very inexpensive. Erse capacitors and resistors from Parts Express or Mouser. I have no problem using oil filled run capacitors either as long as I have room. Do not get me wrong on certain builds I use Sonicaps Clarity Caps and mills resistors. On other rebuilds I just use nice quality electrolytic capacitors. Just depends you know. The first time I ever heard of KZK is from you. Where do you source them ? They look real nice to me.
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    This guy sells them -

    The guy is not me and I'm not affiliated with him in any way.

    Anyway, I can't stop praising those KZK caps as they're cheap, sound great and really easy to work with due to indestructible hard polycarbonate casing (makes it really easy to detach the caps whenever I glue together wrong caps or I rethink the overall design of the crossover component later).

    The caps come in 4 varieties: classic metallized film polypropylene KZK White Line (tried those, love them), foil polypropylene KZK Orange Line (tried those too, love them), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) film KZK Blue Line (never tried) and some fancy polyarylate (PAR) film KZK Black Line (I've got to, going to try those with my upcoming LSiM703 build).
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