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Anyone know any DVD player that will play JPEG pix burned on CD? (other than the APEX). Thanx...
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    You wanna look at all your nuddy pictures on a 60" screen, huh Pete? :D

  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    You mean Nudie?

    Check your lips at the door woman. Shake your hips like battleships. Yeah, all the white girls trip when I sing at Sunday service.
  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    i hope he meant nudie, and not nutty...:D
  • dylandylan Posts: 453
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    I'm not sure exactly what you're going for, but I used this program to turn pictures from my digital camera (JPG's) in to slide shows, which you can then burn on to a normal CD-R. It basically creates a VideoCD, so the only requirement your DVD player would have to have is to be able to play CD-R's and VCD's. It's easy to add music and change the menu system, too.
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    Hey, I wish I have some of the nuddy things so I sent them to Troy... Dylan speaks on my behalf, I know the new Apex DVD player will play JPEG, hell, they have the model can also play both SACD and DVD-A, but I want something better than APEX, just want to make sure...:rolleyes:

    They probably look fantastic on the 60" WS big screen, thanx for the idea Aaron...:p
  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,036
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    There's a difference between JPG and J-PEG. I don't know what it is, I'm just POSITIVE it's there. I up-grade slow. My first DVD player is < 2yrs old, my only 5.1 rcvr is <1yr old and my computer is W95.

    APEX! Let's see: A player that can do DVD, CD, DVD-A, CDR, CDRW, SACD, MP3 & J-PEG (maybe JPG) at an affordable (almost disposable) price. You're right, stay away. After all, they offer usable features at an affordable price, but their new. I'm sure their digital-outs are made of rhinestones and plexi-glass.:p
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  • tmorgantmorgan Posts: 37
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    I use a Panny RP-91 and burn vcd mpg's converted from jpg's and they look good on the 65" Mits. There is a freeware version of a vcd program that converts and burns the vcd's.
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