Any ShopSmith owners here?

I am 'inheriting' a Shopsmith from my wife's grandfather. I think it is a Mark IV. Initial assessment is that he invested in a few of the add-ons, and he took good care of his equipment. He was a true 'woodworker', so there are other pieces of equipment coming my way, such as various planers, a scroll saw, etc. I already grabbed a Craftsman router, and bit set, but it is not a plunge router, and no router table.

There is also some salvaged wood stock in his collection from various demos where he saved pieces. Lots of walnut from what I've seen.
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    Nice score!

    I had a similar situation several years ago where I inherited a Mark 5, Rockwell table saw, Delta planer and jointer, a huge band saw and drill press. I've used most but haven't had a chance yet to use the M5. I've used them a long time ago and know how versatile they are.

    I'm hoping when I retire to set up a woodworking shop in my barn.
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