Silver, Black or both in your stack?

So who is all in with Silver or Black or do some have both in their rack.

Slight OCD keeps me having all black in my main system but considering adding some silver for fun. Is that just bad form?
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  • All black except for my Sutherland phonostage. If I had the option to get it in black, I would have.

    But I have considered going silver on other things. Kind of depends on the piece.
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  • My shiit amp is silver and dac is black, didn't see the point in spending an extra 40 bucks to get the same in a different color.
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  • Black , sounds better with stack (if ya stack em) I don’t but I do like the look of black better in my gear!
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  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2,811
    For the eight component two channel system on a four shelf audio rack: Black top shelf-Silver middle-Silver middle-Silver bottom. The bottom two shelves are behind doors, so wouldn't really matter what's on them.

    Home theater is all black because AV receivers and processors are black, not silver.
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  • The majority of my gear is Black. I do have a pair of Mono Amps that have Silver Faceplates, because that is the only option.
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  • I prefer all matching black. But I purchased a Parasound C-2 pre/pro from @audioluvr that is silver. Works excellent! Sounds even better! Got a nice deal on it too! So whatever the budget says, goes!
  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 7,792
    I don't even try to match my socks. All of my gear was black. The first amp that I got was an Emo black with silver accents, I bought the black trim to replace the silver and it didn't make me feel any better. Later on, I got a silver DAC from Skip to try out, I liked it so I kept it. Skip asked me If I wanted him to send me a black one. I was like why do I need two? I don't care what color the gear is, I am not racist like that.
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  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 6,906
    All mine is hidden so it doesn’t really matter, but the integrated is silver so when I when to purchase the 851n and has the choice for the same price I went with silver. But, price matters MUCH more to me than color or condition (within reason)...
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 9,099
    Got a Champagne Marantz PM-80 stereo power amp in the rig right now and it’s a sweet looking piece of kit. Always liked the old S.A.E. Champagne amps and preamps
  • gudnoyezgudnoyez Posts: 7,606
    Amongst the Oppo 105D and the Sony 4k spinner and Onkyo AVR and all Polk 7.2 I proudly display my Silver Parasound A31, Technics Turntable and Technics Technics Cassette player. Makes the HT rig interesting.
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  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,956
    Now that I've switched out the CXN for a 851N, all black. That's my preference.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 27,001
    all over the place here
    50108692947_e19b4b9d2e_b.jpgDSC_0705 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    Ever think

    13380845744_0fa5ebafd3_b.jpgHeathkit tuner and RS 8 track by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
  • Thanks for all the responses and pics.
    Living Room
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  • TEAforONETEAforONE Posts: 584
    edited October 2020
    I have silver,black,and blue! Quite eclectic. This picture is from a few weeks ago when I still had the white Node2. It has been replaced with a black2i.

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  • polrbehrpolrbehr Posts: 2,682
    1/2 and 1/2. Black for the Adcom amp, preamp, SB Duet. Silver power center, TT and phono pre. Even the stand is black glass with silver accents.
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?
  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 23,129
    All silver in the two channel stack and all black on the HT side of things...
    My amps are black granite and silver...
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  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 14,184
    Both. Some gear only comes in one color.
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  • xsmixsmi Posts: 1,564
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  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 2,338

    To me silver is way to flashy.
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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  • audioluvraudioluvr Posts: 3,030
    Amps need to be black. They make that ominous impression that only black amps can make and they have deeper bass... I chose silver for the pre and source components because my eyesight sucks with low light and can't see the knobs, etc.

    Yes I'm a crane operator, shut up.
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  • motorstereomotorstereo Posts: 1,563
    Black glass here; except for the Furman pc unit.
  • Mikey081057Mikey081057 Posts: 7,430
    All black here except for my vintage Marantz receivers.
    My New Year's resolution is 3840 × 2160

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  • verbverb Posts: 10,313
    I like the silver, although I have a bunch of black components all over the house. Silver highlights the surface features much better, IMO. The NS DAC with the exquisite machining on the faceplate really comes out in silver!

    Ahh, but the Marantz SACD player in champagne and gold CJ amp are nothing to frown upon either!
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  • invalidinvalid Posts: 401
    I like this black oak preampyf0wls9rtqeb.png
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