1.2 PR dimensions needed via Larry's templates!

Help needed.
I want to make sure i get the right "PR dimensions" of the rings Larry use to supply.
I only have the SDA SRS but i do beleive the 1.2's are the same.
My templates were used on my SRS so i didn't have to cut down the threaded inserts which protruded about 1 to 2mm.
If any one has a spare Larry's "1.2 PR template" laying around ,i'd like to get the dimensions from this ,it would be much appreciated.

Heres to bombing a set of 1.2tls in the future. :)


  • xschopxschop Posts: 2,022
    You/someone just needs to accurately measure the passive radiator O.D. and center to center of the mount holes on the outer rim.
  • Yes,I have a couple excuses :p My hex head is a little stripped and the last one i screwed in will have to be drilled out if needed in the future. , i also sold my vehicle 5 weeks ago,I have just had both knees cleaned out and and repaired torn cartilage's etc so until my swelling is under control,no can go to out to the hardware shop.
    living the dream
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