Hookup options for running a pair of PSW 111.

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Be gentle, this is kind of new territory for me.

I'm getting ready to install a new small setup in my 12x12 listening room and had a quick question regarding the best hookup options for a new pair of PSW 111s that arrived today, along with a set of ELAC Dubut 2.0 B6.2 bookshelf speakers.

I'm running this system from either an older Adcom GFP-545II with a GTP-400 pre (I have two of these sets) or a Hafler 9180 and Hafler pre. The PWS 111s have L/R/LFE line in as well as speaker in and out.

Which options would be best?

A- Go from the power amp speaker outputs to the Sub speaker inputs for (the corresponding channel), then take the sub speaker outputs to ELAC speakers in, per channel. This is one of the recommended methods from the manual, but I'm not a big fan of the spring terminals in and out on the sub. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

B- Make a simple parallel connection from the speaker inputs of the ELACs directly to the speaker inputs (for the corresponding channels) on the PSW 111. Since the the subs and the mains will be in close proximity, I'd use stacking banana plugs from the left or right speaker input to the left or right sub speaker input. I would not use the speaker output from the sub.

C- Incorporate a secondary preamp to receive input from the main preamp, then use the individual main line outputs of the secondary preamp to feed the appropriate channels at the subs line inputs. (This seems like it could give me a little more flexibility in tuning in the subs.)

Thanks so much for the input and advice.


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    D. Make two speaker wire runs out of your amp, one goes to speakers and the other to the subs. Ideally you want the subs to get the same signal as the mains, and this avoids the spring clips which I agree suck...
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