Help! ISO a 6516 Driver for RTA 8TL (or suitable replacement)

Just picked up a pair of 8TL's to use in my HT system and one of the drivers needs to be replaced with the correct driver. It's currently got some non-polk driver in there. Will post pictures later...

So what I read, the 6516 is the correct driver and they are very hard to find.. Does anyone on this forum have an extra lying around? If not... Is there a replacement driver that would be the best match?

Using these with 5JR+ (with RDO-198) as the surrounds.
As well as another 5JR+ I am planning to mod the crossover to also use a SL2500/RDO198 tweeter and use as a center channel.
Current Setup
Speakers - Monitor 5JR+ Series 2 w/ RDO198's
- RTA 12b w/ Peerless Tweets
- AV Setup with Montior 7's & 4a's
Integrated Amplifier - NAD 3130
TurnTable - Panasonic RD-2900 w/ AT-VM95E
Streaming - Roon > Chromecast Audio > Topping D30 DAC
Cassette Deck - NAD 6240 > ADC Sound Shaper 10 Band EQ
CD Playback - Sony BluRay > Topping D30 DAC


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