"Yaybahar is an electric-free, totally acoustic instrument. The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs. This results in a unique listening experience with a hypnotic surround sound. What you hear in this performance is captured in real-time without any additional effects and with no post audio processing."

George / NJ

Polk 7B main speakers (1979, orig owner)
Martin Logan Dynamo sub
Crown D150 amp
iFi nano iDSD DAC
iDefender w/ iPower PS
iFi Mercury 0.5m OFHC continuous cast copper USB cable
Custom Ribbon Speaker Cables, 5ft long, 4N Copper, 14 gauge, ultra low inductance
Custom Vibration Isolation Speaker Stands and Sub Platform


  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 8,310
    Reminds me of how they did the blaster effects for the original Star Wars movie:

  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 25,819
    Along similar lines: a coathanger and a long piece of thread can be made into an interesting sort of 'headphone'. :)

  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,935
    The beginning of the Yaybahar video sounded very familiar... I remember an antique dining room table my parents had. The ends had extensions that would pull out and slide up to lengthen the table (not a mid-section leaf...). Below, there were a couple long springs that would help pull the ends back in. As kids, we'd sit under the table and pluck at the springs. Darn near the same exact sound!
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