one of my Psw505 is dead!

Pazorell Posts: 1
I just discovery that one of my subs stopped working, not sure when it happen because I have 2 of them, but it is definitely dead.
I remove the sub and the amp to test them, Amp still good, tested the sub with the other amp and no response!

Where can I buy a replacement sub? I was looking every where but no luck, I need Polk audio RD50 55-2

I got them both from Circuit city so no warranty from them for sure !
GEAR: LED Samsung 75", Onkyo TXNR5008, PS4 Klipsch Synergy 11.2 fronts: F30, Wides: F20, height: S20, S:S20 RS: S20
Subs: 2 Polk PSW505