Piece of Schiit goes under the knife

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My Schiit Yggy DAC got the Unison USB last night. Bass seems deeper and even more effortless. Everything is just a bit clearer and better resolved. Well worth it!

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    Yeeehawww! New Schiit!

    Great review A.A.Ron. A little wordy, but I was able to distill your general perspective from it. So you think it'd be worth it for the Bifrost as well?

    Man, that Yggy sure looks like it's got a lot going on. I just saw the product page for the first time today. I didn't realize it was such a burly piece of gear.

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    Ya... sorry about blabbing on and on...

    Not many 25lb DAC’s out there. It got 4 “grinnies” out of 5 before the analog 2 board upgrade and now this puts it at 4.95 “grinnies. :):):):):)

    Not much you can’t plug into it or out of it.

    @msg Do you drive a SUX 6000?

    As to the Bifrost - I would think so. Schiit is even calling the Bifrost 2 a desktop Yggy now. Couple a screws... badabing badaboom and done.
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    USB modules matter. You gonna upgrade the Analog card?
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    Analog is done. I’m on v2.

    That had a much more noticeable improvement but was also a bit more $$
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    What a Piece of Schiit LOL. Nice man like it.
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    blue boards are better :D:p:D
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    blue boards are better :D:p:D

    Gonna start a new company call Bahls... we only use blue. ;)

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