Simple, cheap Bluetooth adaptor?

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As usual, I struggle to ask the right question, but I'm gonna take a crack at it.
It would be nice to be able to get certain audio content into the little, old Yamaha stereo receiver located in our den. I am pretty sure that Bluetooth receivers with regular old unbalanced two-channel (RCA) analog outputs exist, but I'd be afraid to buy one for fear of selecting a turkey! :(

Not looking for an audiophile solution, just one that will work and not be a waste of money!

One other question I have -- are any of these gizmos battery powered? I would rather not add a wire (power supply) to get wireless input, you know? Too ironic. ;)


(PS This is largely for Mrs. H's benefit, just to be clear)

11479977995_21bc24d690_c.jpgDSC_7484_ by Mark Hardy, on Flickr


  • Clipdat
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    But that Yamaha has it's own AC plugs on the back so go wired not battery!
  • mhardy6647
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    But that Yamaha has it's own AC plugs on the back so go wired not battery!

    Yeah, plus as someone else pointed out, there'll be two wires 'twixt the gizmo and the receiver. :p

    So... any suggestions?
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    i'll send you one if you want. It's sitting on a shelf somewhere. NOT battery powered.

    From one Mark to another, ya know. ;)

    Let me check when i get home tonight.

    It looks like this. Tiny.
    Where’s the KABOOM?!?! There’s supposed to be an Earth shattering KABOOM!!!
  • mhardy6647
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    Well -- it could certainly come visit my house for a few years, as other components from your collection have. ahem.

    In all seriousness, that's the kind of gizmo I was curious about, and that'd be cool if and when the opportunity presented itself. No hurry.

    PS I think I mentioned in some post recently what sort of got me goin' on this -- I've been using that infamous Monoprice hybrid thingy and its onboard BT to listen to the audio portion of Zoom videoconferences via a pair of Fostex FE207E fullrangers :p

    It beats running a pair of wires across the floor (which is what we did for 'church' on Easter Sunday!).

  • mrbiron
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    Oh, i'm not expecting this child back.
    You can claim it on your 2020 taxes...
    Where’s the KABOOM?!?! There’s supposed to be an Earth shattering KABOOM!!!
  • mrbiron
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    Found it. Give me a day or two to find a box and I’ll send it to you, if you want?


    Where’s the KABOOM?!?! There’s supposed to be an Earth shattering KABOOM!!!
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    Those things work pretty well. I used the IOGEAR Tunetap version in my early days before I got my first Squeezebox. Great way to bring mobile streaming to earlier receivers and integrateds.
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  • mhardy6647
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    absitively! You know me! I need more stuffs here. :|
    In all seriousness; thanks -- this will be a good opportunity to try hybridizing that "home theater" receiver in the den.

    No hurry -- it's not like I'm goin' anywhere... ;)
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    This would do EVEN more than you need ....

    Better than just a Bluetooth module ....
    Airplay , TIDAL .....
    Cuz , let’s face it , Bluetooth sound quality isn’t the best ....

    Is 70 bucks cheap enough

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    Belkin Songstream HD is nice. I think it's a little outdated, but it has both optical and digital coax outs. $40-50 on eBay.

    Rocketfish has one, but only with an optical.
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    I got this one recently and is working very good.

    I got mine from Amazon Warehouse for only $89.00

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    I was wondering what that was, Rey, in one of your systems photos. Couldn't quite make out the badge. Reminiscent of similar design by Audioengine. Cool.
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