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  • dkfreebirddkfreebird Posts: 1,143
    Are these setup the same as in the picture?
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  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,370
    No, I put the speakers in the correct position....the sans grill picture was just after bringing them in the house...
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  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,996
    TroyD wrote: »
    I want dibs of you decide to sell one day!

    Honestly, I can’t see these leaving. I’m long since past swapping out speakers. I’m going to move the Thiels....get the Quads repaired for the mancave and call it a day.


    I hear ya man. The 2.3TL are the bomb.
  • drumminmandrumminman Posts: 3,402
    Congratulations Troy! I totally love mine, and they sooooo respond to mods !
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