Monitor 5b grill peg replacement?

Hi- total newbie here. I bought a pair of monitor 5bs from Goodwill but during shipping all the pegs from the grills were sheared off. The grills are in good shape but the part that is attached to the enclosure is just broken clean off. I will attach photos showing what I mean.

Is there a good replacement available? Maybe from Parts Express? I’ve tried to find out in my own but if the knowledge is already out there I thought I’d ask.



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    IIRC, the ones at PE don't match exactly, but will work. Good luck trying to get the broken bits out.
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  • Be aware that Polk used 2 different sizes of round grill pegs with Christmas tree attachments. Most Ebay sellers don't know which ones they are selling. (Ask me how I know.) Best to measure one of your unbroken ones.

    The smaller ones are typically used on the newer-style beveled cabinets. Earlier speakers use the ones with larger diameter.

    (Earlier, still, uses a larger jelly bean-shaped peg that looks very different. Earliest of all, uses a hard plastic velcro-like pad.)
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    Are your monitors labeled 5B's in the pics? I'm going to make some replacement spuds out of billet for my 5B's this weekend.
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