Barn Find..



  • Viking64
    Viking64 Posts: 5,496
    Are you open to trades?
  • tonyb
    tonyb Posts: 32,235
    lmao !!
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  • F1nut
    F1nut Posts: 45,749
    Looks like someone peed on
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  • FestYboy
    FestYboy Posts: 3,857
    It's been distressed, I bet that's not even 6 months old. The real thing would have silver fish trails. Hard pass.
  • steveinaz
    steveinaz Posts: 19,366
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  • dragon1952
    dragon1952 Posts: 4,755
    Looks like a good restoration project.
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  • FTGV
    FTGV Posts: 3,648
    Probably worth more than a 69 Shelby GT500.
  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,556
    F1nut wrote: »
    Looks like someone peed on

  • jdjohn
    jdjohn Posts: 1,951
    I predict the next shortages will be Sears & Roebuck catalogs, and corn on the cob...emphasis on the cob.

    Outhouse find:

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  • soundfreak1
    soundfreak1 Posts: 2,886
    Will you take returnes if I dont like it?
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  • mhardy6647
    mhardy6647 Posts: 27,346
    Faustin wrote: »
    BM sent.

    Fixed that for you.


    I am not proud of that -- not proud at all!

  • tonyp063
    tonyp063 Posts: 859
    mhardy6647 wrote: »

    I am not proud of that -- not proud at all!


    We know better.
    Could hear you chortling all the way down here

  • tophatjohnny
    tophatjohnny Posts: 3,311
    In with 69..2 really kin chu
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