Burning Bluray?

Shizelbs Posts: 7,431
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Anyone here burning BluRay discs yet?
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  • leroyjr1
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    Looked into it but its very pricey right now. Once prices go down on burner and Bly ray discs I'm going to give it a try.
  • Shizelbs
    Shizelbs Posts: 7,431
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    The price of the drive is one thing, but yeah, those discs are still very prohibitive.
  • zingo
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    Once the price does go down, it will be interesting to see how it effects the computer industry. With a disc that can hold 25/50gb of material, that will give current memory media a run for their money.
  • ptrooper
    ptrooper Posts: 465
    what do you think is the best way to do this now days?
  • afterburnt
    afterburnt Posts: 7,897
    I wanted to rip my blew ray audio disc, I bought two drives to do it. It din werk.
  • 98Badger
    98Badger Posts: 311
    Look into makemkv. This can do full folder rips.
  • headrott
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    Am also interested in this subject. I have a file of the Genesis "remastered" 16mm film of their Oct. 1973 concert at Shepperton Studios that I would like to put on Blu-Ray (BD-R). I have yet to purchase a burner, however. Any advice on good burners and/or discs would be appreciated.
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