Subwoofer On All the Time

I have a new DSW Pro 550. In the Auto mode, the sub periodically makes a noticeable “thump thump” sound. It is connected to my 5.1 home theater system (Integra receiver) and the thump sound occurs when the sub senses a signal and is turning on while in standby. So, when I’m watching, say, news on Directv, the sub periodically senses a signal and goes from standby to on and this creates the thumping sound. Very annoying. If I’m watching a movie, the sub turns on and stays on through the whole movie. But my normal TV watching is the majority of my home theater use and the thumping due to the sub periodically turning on is annoying. If I leave the sub on all the time this issue goes away; no thumping as the sub is on all the time. Other than the cost of the power consumed, is there a problem with leaving the sub on all the time? Thanks for any replies.


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,123
    Think I would try to figure out why this only happens while watching tv. This shouldn’t be happening.

    Maybe start with checking that cables have good connections, and then go onto checking for bad cables if connections are tight.

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