magnifi remote stopped working

our Magnifi remote stopped working. Changed batteries twice without any change. The sound is barely audible and stuck there. Anyone know how to solve this problem?


  • EepEep Posts: 7
    I have the Omni SB1 Plus and, if it loses power (unplugged or power outage), the remote control (and any paired remote) stops working and I have to hold down the sound bar's power button for 10 seconds to force-reset the sound bar. It's a pain but I've found it's the only way to get the remote to work again. Unfortunately, the sound bar will need to be re-setup for wireless networking and any other remotes programmed for volume, mute, power, etc.

    Subwoofer static causes bass "thumping" too--I have to turn off the sub at night in order to sleep. Plus the sub and sound bar don't seem to have an auto power-off after a certain amount of inactivity.

    Also, can't wire satellite speakers--only wireless. Such a bad design the Polk Omni SB1 (and Plus, which I have) is!
  • My remote control recently quit working for my magnifi maxsr. I changed batteries, nothing. Today I just unplugged the power for a few seconds and plugged it back in, and the remote started working again.
  • I purchased the same magnifi mini unit about a month ago and from the moment I installed the unit, the remote would not work correctly. You would push volume down and the volume would go up. Then the power button would not work. Very bad craftsmanship. The help desk department that you call for service is terrible. I've put in an order 4 different times for a new remote and it's been a month and still no replacement remote. I tried to speak to a manager and no one speaks adequate english to have an adult conversation. Very disappointing....
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