grilles on or off?

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Home sick today. but of course wanted to watch a movie anyway. I get the SPL meter out and set up the system for DTS.

I noticed that when i took the grills off the RT800i's the level increased by about 1db not a big difference, esp turned up loud like I had it. the receiver said the volume was at 65 on the volume level.

so my question for you all. do you keep your grilles on or take them off? not that it really matters.. just curious. I usuallly keep mine on. but for this one time I took them off. :cool:
P.S. Forgot to mention the movie i was watching.. Tombstone SE good sound mix with effects, music and dialog.
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    Polk grilles are very transparent, as are a lot of other manufacturers. Personal preference really. I leave them on for the most part. When Troy came to visit, I had the grilles off, so he could look around at his leisure.....

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    for purely asthetic reasons, I leave the grilles on.

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    off on the fronts and center, on for the rears...
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    she's naked only on the front's.......!:D
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    Another 'ON'
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    OFF... specially at nights~~~:p

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    i keep my grills on all my speakers have the plastic thing that is designed to get rid of the bad sound
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    Off when doing serious listening, On when my smoking friends are over
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