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So I haven't been involved in the forum for a while. Life has its distractions and since I moved from Kansas City to Panama City Fl I just haven't been as involved with my rig to be honest. New job new town blah blah blah excuse excuse.

Anyway, after several years of living here I have dug out all of my LP's and fired up the turntable (Music Hall 2.1). Since Hurricane Michael there are very limited options one flipping through used vinyl bins. hell there are very few options for new vinyl outside of the the limited selections the big box guys have ( I bought a decent Nirvana unplugged from target the other day).

I have bought a lot of great records off of this forum that I still have today and have been revisiting over the last few weeks.

My question is 2 fold. Are there any good recommendations for online retailer of new and used vinyl?

Does my absence warrant a revisit of the for sale forum requirements for buying if there is something I was interested in?

Thanks in advance!



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    bruss wrote: »
    Are there any good recommendations for online retailer of new and used vinyl?
    I really like Bullmoose and Elusive Disc for new vinyl. I haven't had an issue with either of them. Music Direct is good as well, but confirm they have whatever you are buying in stock. I've had some longer than expected back order delays with MD vinyl, but no issues when it's listed as in-stock.

    For used, Discogs is a great resource. It is technically a crap shoot because it's all "users" selling, similar to ebay. But the seller ratings are generally reliable, and a lot of local shops will sell quality used vinyl on discogs. I know at least one local shop here in Dallas keeps a separate "collectors" bin, and everything in those bins is also listed on Discogs for the same price + shipping. Sellers like that are a great resource.

    Enjoy getting back into it!
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    New Bullmoose, used a few good vendors on E-bay and Discogs, plenty of shops in my area to by both new and used. If I cant find what I'm looking for there, E-bay and Discogs are my go to. There is a couple guys on here that sell vinyl from time to time keep your eyes open. Happy Hunting, that's what's part of the fun.
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    Acoustic Sounds is my go to. I believe they have the largest selection around, the service is great, free shipping over $49.00 and free shipping on any returns.
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    Mobile Fidelity (MoFi) has quality pressings, albeit a more eclectic selection.

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    I have fun hunting for records at estate sales. Hit or miss. It’s like a treasure hunt. Sometimes all show tunes and sometimes what I like. Classic rock and R&B. Good luck and welcome back.
    Love yours. D
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    I have nearly as much fun, surprise, and excitement hunting for records in my own basement. :#

    I am, actually, not being facetious.

    Someday, I have to organize mah rekkids.
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    Amazon has iffy quality control, but they always accept returns and you can find some great deals.
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    Plenty of used vinyl at Steve Hoffman Forum. Pretty trust worthy bunch IMO.
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    right on. Appreciate the feedback and great to see the community still pressing on.
    chumlie wrote: »
    Plenty of used vinyl at Steve Hoffman Forum. Pretty trust worthy bunch IMO.

    This looks like a hub for a lot of the above recommendations as well.
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