SRS 2 driver blade blade

Can someone please tell me what the correct driver is for the SRS2 is. Blade blade. They guy I let my SRS 2 go to is having some issues and may need some replacement drivers.



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    edited September 13
    6509 in all positions.
    SDA1b is the only other SDA speaker to use those drivers I'm aware of. Good luck they can be very hard to get.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 1,250
    Thank you guys. I did see something about a 6503 possible being used.

    I will read more into that thread. Thanks for the link.
  • JayMXJayMX Posts: 242
    @CH46E I noticed @Schurkey referenced my ISO 6509 thread above. I’m still on the hunt too and I do have a line on another pair of SDA1b's that I may purchase and part out. Need to verify they’re loaded with 6509’s... If I do pull the trigger I will let you know and we can make some arrangements.
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