DIY Speaker spike sliders for hardwwod floors .....

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Rubber pads are from Home Depot
Magic sliders are from Target
Put ‘em together, they fit perfectly- nice and snug ...
The speaker spikes rest perfectly on the metal washer.

They work perfect - blend in reasonably well with the floor , are rock solid after adjusting spike height - and slide effortlessly when the housekeeper needs to clean !

About 10 bucks total.....
I just couldn’t justify what the Herbies sliders cost ......


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    Nice and thrifty! Nice speakers too. :)

    My thrifty spike footers were sourced from a VTI audio rack. The end caps were punctured by the shelf spikes from heavy gear over the years. I had ordered new end caps from VTI to replace the punctured ones.

    Using a hole saw, I drilled some 3/8” hardwood inserts. I used construction adhesive to glue them into the VTI end caps. I got some round, heavy-duty adhesive felt feet and applied it to the bottom of the hardwood in the caps. Works great.


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