One speaker 2 feet into room the other 7" What to do? Placement of SRS SDA 2.3 TL

I have a 2' recess on the Front wall behind my right speaker and it's placement now is about 2' 7" out into the room, putting it in plane with my left speaker. The left speaker can be placed as close to the wall as I want. What to do?


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    Get some 2 x 4s and frame a wall at the front of the recess. Nail up some sheetrock. Throw some joint compound on any gaps. Don't worry about paint. Replace right speaker 7" from new wall.
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    How do the speakers sound already? There may be less low bass reinforcement from one speaker or it may not matter at all depending on the room.
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    Bass is a difficult frequency for your brain to locate where it's specifically coming from so it shouldn't affect imaging much if at all. If there's dead even bass coming out of each speaker exactly you MIGHT notice that it sounds like it's coming slightly left of center instead of dead center as an example. It's probably not a big deal in that regard though. The only big issue is you're losing some bass in general from the right speaker.

    Does it sound fine to you as is?

    I've never tried listening like that, and I could be wrong, but it seems like not too big of an issue if you're happy with the current bass performance.
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