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Anyone have a DVD Player that has 5.1 ouput?
Please tell me what brand and which model you have if theres
any. I want to buy one with at least a good quality. Please give me idea?

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  • rskarvanrskarvan Banned Posts: 2,456
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    Denon DVD-A player... DVD3300.
    It is an audiophile dvd-a player using Burr-brown DAC's.
    It also has bass management built into it.
    Now, they can be found for abour $450.
    Originally, they listed MSRP for $1200.

    And, yes, it has 5.1 outputs as well as optical and dig-coax.

    Any player with a built-in decoder probably has 5.1 outs.
  • har_navaltahar_navalta Posts: 957
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    Thank you... rskarvan, for the info. I'm dying to hear 5.1 but my
    dvd doesn't have this outputs. I went to their site and they have
    excellent specs that I'm looking for. The model that you mentioned
    was already discontinued and they have a new version for that the DVD 3800 which is $1199.

    I will look for other brand that matches their specs with less
    money if there's any.

    Thanks again for your input.
  • matthew_2matthew_2 Posts: 52
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    No outputs? Weird. well, unless it doesn't even work on 5.1

    Does your reciever have built in 5.1?
  • vtec11vtec11 Posts: 82
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    what DVD player do you have ? do u mean 5.1 analog outputs to plug into a 5.1 "Ready" receiver??

    i believe the toshiba 3109 has 5.1 outputs. You should be able to find one on ebay for well under $200.
  • har_navaltahar_navalta Posts: 957
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    I got my Pioneer DVD 550 a year ago, which is Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Prologic, 2-Channel RCA Output, Optical Digital Output (Fibre Optic) and it doesn’t have 5.1 Channel Surround Output. I don’t know this option until I had my Preamp that has 5.1 inputs in it.:mad:
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    Most of the current DVD players if they have the DD and DTS decoder built-in, they will have the 5.1 analog (RCA) outputs , and you can connect them to your Pre or receiver 5.1 inputs. The Pioneer DVD-550 is a pretty good DVD player, if I'm not wrong is also has a mixer built-in for Karaoke. The optical digital output carried both DTS and DD signals, so if your receiver has DTS and DD decoder built-in, you can enjoy these sound tracks, if not you may consider to buy one, instead of investing money on another DVD player...
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