Why bi-amp? It gives you something to do

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I’m thinking you’ve reached the point where people are afraid to open your posts.

I disabled


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    ... dude's name is Kramer Crane.
    Think he's for real?

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    Interesting thread Joe, of which I missed back then! I'm not even thinking about bi-amping, at the moment! Nope. Oh Jeez. :smile:
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    Did nobody bother to tell Crutchfield that you can't bi-amp with an AVR?
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    Connecting these channels to a pair of bi-amp capable speakers increases the amount of usable power that each speaker gets.

    They conveniently neglected to mention that the more channels used will result in less power per channel and that the tweeter will only use 5 to 10 watts, so a lot of power is simply wasted. The end result is the bottom end will likely get less power than if the speakers were driven by a single channel.
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    But they make other outlandish claims like: "Passive bi-amping doesn’t make any changes to the signal the speaker is receiving — it only increases the amount of available current being sent to each portion of the speaker."


    "Bi-amping provides more usable current to the speaker. Instead of a single channel’s worth of power divvied up between the woofer and tweeter sections, each speaker section gets a full channel’s worth of juice. "

    Literally makes no sense. They're doing a huge disservice to people who don't know any better by posting articles like this.
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    Yup up sell, not only is it a sales pitch for someone to buy a bigger AVR it adds more speaker wire...

    I've tried both Bi-Amp and Bi-Wire. found best is a straight full range speaker wire with a speaker wire jumper.
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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    ... and I just wonder how many of y'all have actually tried coat hangers instead of all those biamp biwire biwhatever hookups...

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    I like Crutchfield for their CS, but notice that their catalog looks more like a magazine than a catalog - I wonder why that is? Every article is really a sales pitch in disguise...
    "How to get the most out of the Denon AVR [we just got you to buy for $2000 ;) ]".
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?

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    Crutchfield sales you on customer service and tech support versus low pricing
    - Not Tom

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    VR3 wrote: »
    Crutchfield sales you on customer service and tech support versus low pricing

    And in my experience (albeit limited), they do a good job of it, too.
    My son-in-law and I replaced a borked aftermarket "car stereo" in his 2002 Tundra with one from Crutchfield. They made the whole process very, very easy.

    (Since neither he nor I know squat about "modern" car stereo... even 2002 "modern"!)
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