Bi amping SDA 3.1 speakers?

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I've had my SRS 3.1 speakers since I bought them new back in day. I'm looking at some things to spice them up a little (tweeter, crossover mods) . One thing on my mind is bi amping them. I have a Adcom GFA-545 amp 100 watts, I have access to another one. Is there noticeable benefit to bi amping? I thought I would get some opinions before buying a bunch of speaker wire.


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    OH you are about to open a can of worms style debate!! :D:D
    (meaning it depends on with whom you talk. Also please remember you need an isolation transformer in your crossfeed cable. I.E. an AI-1 OR a dreadnaught if you're doing upgrades)
    I STRONGLY recommend either having @vr3 do your crossovers or talking to @westmassguy if what Trey charges is a bit steep.
    I have heard biamping to good effect and to no effect myself btw.
    It depends a LOT on the speakers and equipment.
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    Seems like a lot of effort to separate two tweeters from the rest of the drivers. If you have an amplifier that can power the speakers as-is...I'm not sure you're really gaining anything but expense and complexity.
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    Getting a better amp will net greater pleasure.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    Getting a better amp will net greater pleasure.

    I hear you on a better amp, I'm just trying to use what I have available to improve the sound with as little additional $$ as possible outside of improving the speakers. The additional Adcom amp is a freebie. I have RD0 198 tweeters on the way and installing them is about it it for my tech abilities. Woodworking is my forte, I can build a nice chair to sit and listen to them, that's about it.
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    I don't think Bi-Amping the 3.1TL's, with only one tweeter per cabinet, would be very beneficial. Bi-Wiring "might" be a better option.

    Or, get some better quality jumpers on the Binding Posts and a better Amplifier as Jesse has recommended.

    The 3.1's are VERY easy to drive, Bi-Amping would be a waste of time/money IMHO.
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    Well strike one on that idea. I'm trying figure out best bang for the buck, so let me toss this out there. I'm running the amp off an Adcom GTP-500 preamp. It had good reviews when I bought it (1990ish) but probably not the best these days. What effect does the preamp have on the overall sound and is that something worth looking into as a way to improve the sound?
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    There certainly are better preamps. Even so, I bet that Adcom is no slouch.

    I admit that I never had an interest in the Tuner/Preamps. I had a GFP-565 for a couple years, liked it a lot. It went away when I went multi-channel with a preamp/processor.
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    F1nut wrote: »
    Getting a better amp will net greater pleasure.
    As much as I’ve enjoyed the perks of NO passive filters* in my system, unless you have a thorough understanding of those XOs, I believe going active would likely be a step back.
    * tri-amping

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