Polk Command bar / Video Projector

Hi there!

I just bought a Polk Command Bar, which i'm very happy with.

However, I've had a slight disappointment when I saw that there was no jack or RCA socket.

This gives me an issue with my video projector setup. Maybe you guys can help me with a clever way to go around this.

So my projector is either plugged to my laptop (HDMI) or the Apple TV (HDMI). WIth my previous soundbar, I used bluetooth to get the sound from the AppleTV or my laptop.

However, I have massive delay (about 500ms) with the Polk Commandbar while using bluetooth.

So I looked into cables to find a solution. I bought a connector to go from the optical of the sound bar to the jack of my laptop. However, this doesn't work. Not sure if the optical cable can be used if no HDMI is plugged to the soundbar.

So to recap, here is the setup:

Laptop -> Video Projector/Apple TV (video)
Laptop -> Soundbar (?)

I can't use HDMI for the soundbar as it is used for the projector.

Hope some of you can help with this situation. Let me know if this is unclear :)