WTB Grateful Dead RSD Warfield CD release

Looking to buy a copy of today's Grateful Dead Warfield release on CD (2 CD) if anyone has an extra or could pick up a copy for me. Unfortunately I am not able to go to RSD today. Thanks.


  • jhw59
    jhw59 Posts: 343
    I got mine from dead.net. $20 plus shipping. Pristine Betty boards and the boys are engaged. Highly recommended!
  • pglbook
    pglbook Posts: 1,997
    edited May 2019
    Thanks. I appreciate it. I should have updated my post because I found a copy - at the $20 list price - from an online Seller a few days after posting here. It is an excellent release. This was advertised as a RSD limited edition of 5000 copies (2CD version; the lp version had a higher limitation of 10,000 copies) and it appeared to have sold out on RSD or soon therafter. Copies were being listed, and selling, on eBay for an average of $60 in the weeks after RSD. Then, a few weeks ago, it suddenly appears for sale on the official GD website, dead.net. And it is still in stock there. The CDs, although a limited edition, are not numbered, so I doubt that this was really limired to 5000 copies as advertised. There is now an unlimited supply. I feel sorry for all of the people who paid big $ for it on ebay, thinking it was oop, only to dicsover it for sale later on at the GD website.
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