Am I running too much power on my rti a9s

I just joined the world of external amplifiers. I knew I would need them eventually with these beasts for speakers I ran them off my receiver for about a year and a half then found a good deal on ebay for two adcom gfa 555s. I am using one amp bridged into 600 watts for each speaker. To say the least these speakers lit up in a way I didn't think possible. Just wondering if I could be causing any damage with the amount of power I'm using since these are only rated for 500 watts.

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  • Geoff4rfcGeoff4rfc Posts: 1,658
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    The A9's are like tanks IMO. I've had them bridged with over 800w on tap each speaker.....cranked and loving it!! Had a big room to fill too, 15 and a half by 26 and a half and it was glorious!!!

    Now in a room half that size, they are powered with 450w each and hardly ever cranked and still emitting beautiful sounds :smiley:
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    Running amps bridged increases their noise floor (distortion level).
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    Gstradeski wrote: »
    I just joined the world of external amplifiers...
    ...found a good deal on ebay for two adcom gfa 555s. I am using one amp bridged into 600 watts for each speaker. To say the least these speakers lit up in a way I didn't think possible.
    And this was your reaction. And the dad from that 70s show was there, too.
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    Personally, I wouldn't bridge those amps, not only for the added noise it introduces, but the amps in bridged mode may not like anything below an 8 ohm load.

    That said, the only damage you'll do is with the volume dial. If you haven't learned yet what to listen for before things go up in a puff of smoke, You may want to read up a bit.
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    It is FAR EASIER to blow up your speakers by overdriving and underpowered amplifier into clipping than it is to damage them with a much higher powered amplifier. Like @tonyb said the volume dial and not knowing what the signs of distress sound like is far more dangerous to your loudspeakers!!
    I myself have come across far too many people who like to crank it up and don’t even hear the distortion when they get carried away!!!!
    Then when things go up in a puff of smoke like @tonyb says, they wonder what happened :o
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