Can ARC capability be added to a non-ARC HDMI TV using some sort of port?

I would like to be able to not use my optical port for the TV audio.

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  • rpf65
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    There are probably other options for your set. They’ll be in the owner’s manual under connection options.
  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,745
    ARC ? Audio return channel??
  • Yes, audio return channel. I don't know if that functionality is a part of the TV itself, or just part of the HDMI ARC port, If it's the latter, it seems to me it could be added via a plug-in component.
  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,745
    AFAIK it is part of the cable as another small wire inside the cable. It is not something you can "add on"
    Once again AFAIK.
    I could be wrong
  • Ok, I did a little more research and I think the answer is that - basically - ARC is part of the TV circuitry. The TV has to provide an audio channel in the HDMI ARC port. You can't add it on externally. So I have to use the optical port for audio from the TV to the soundbar. Supposedly, the HDMI (non-ARC) port is then used to provide other capabilities. Exactly what capabilities I'm not sure of yet. For example, although I do get sound out of the soundbar, I do not have any visual graphical volume indicator, which kind of sucks. Also, I can't connect my network to the damn thing, but that's not a wiring issue. I'm probably going to return it.
  • honestaquarian
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    The ARC (Audio Return Channel) IS a part of the later HDMI standards (I say later, because they keep updating them and I lost track a while ago) You are correct in that the TV must have the appropriate circuitry built inside in order to make use of that feature. Not all TV’s do (especially if it’s an older set- meaning more than three years old)
  • honestaquarian
    honestaquarian Posts: 2,978
    edited March 2019
    I use my ARC on my smart TV when I’m streaming stations with the Tune in Radio app or Netflix or YouTube. The audio from them goes through the HDMI ARC back to my preamp and out to my home theater so I can hear the sound. It essentially makes the HDMI bi-directional. However when you purchase a smart tv you have to do your due diligence (meaning do your homework) before your purchase to see what features you want or need and what you are willing to pay for, versus what the tv has. The more they got, the more they cost.
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