Nothing to do with speakers, but I thought it was important to share

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Hello Polk Community,

I wasn't sure where to post this, so I picked the Speaker area somehow randomly
We are all passionate about sound, video and all that stuff. But I'm pretty sure most of us also have pets, and we love them
There is a scandal right now with the company DOW Chemical who is paying a lab in Michigan (Charles River Lab in Mattawan) to do test on dogs (Beagle) to be able to sell their products in Brazil.
See below:

There is a petition to sign as well
You can also go on the DOW Chemical website, and click on their Facebook page. You will realize how much people are DISGUSTED, just by the nature and the quantity of the comments
As many have already started to do, i will boycott all products from DOW, as much as I can

Again, i know this forum is not about petitions, but i really wanted to share and spread the word
I'm not asking you to answer and make a long thread, but if you love your animals, please sign the petition and put some comments on their FB page
PM me if you want
I own a Beagle myself, and she is the sweetest animal I've ever met

Thank you for reading this

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  • MilitoMilito Posts: 584
    That's pretty sad what they are doing.
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  • French_guyFrench_guy Posts: 292
    Yes, very sad and shameful...And I understood the Brazilian Agriculture agency gave a waiver to skip animal testings, but it seems DOW wants guarantee they will still be able to sale their products if they were to stop their tests now !!! They are only driven my heart at all
    RTiA5 + CSiA4
    No surround...yet
    Pioneer VSX920
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