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OK, no one but me was, but I mentioned Sterophile in a recent post, and it got me to thinkin' that it might be worth sharing this.

A recent post at AA documents the end of an era ("nearly 33-1/3 years" B) ) at Stereophile. Long time editor John Atkinson is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief, to focus on his quantitative assessments of components under review (test), and to continue uploading legacy Stereophile content to the web. Going forward, another JA, Jim Austin, is now Stereophile's editor-in-chief.


The two JA's together in one photo, from the Stereophile link above :)



  • TheChemistTheChemist Posts: 13
    Stereophile used to be my Bible.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 21,755
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    I like the technical part of the component reviews.
    I have been a subscriber a few times over the years (when I could get it cheap[ly]).

    I usually like Art Dudley's columns -- he and I seem to have rather similar tastes in the reproduction of music.

    I like Herb Reichert, too.
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