Polk SDA 2BTL’s

Polk SDA 2BTL’s

Completely refreshed using SoniCaps, Mills resisters, and updated to the RDO-198’s.
Top and bottom “caps” refinished in a medium walnut. New grill cloth (of course). Larry’s rings, VR3 crossover plates, Cardis(?) terminals, and Nutrik connectors for the upgraded(Belkin) interconnect cable.

I’ve owned these for at least 4 years now and they are out of the rotation due to my 3.1TL’s and a host of other speaker choices I have. Yes, they sound as great as everyone says 3BTL’d do, I just don’t have anymore space…

I’d like to stay in the proximity of Houston, but could be persuaded to meet somewhere within a couple of hours.

$550 - PM for pics.


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