Polk SDA 2BTL’s

Polk SDA 2BTL’s

Completely refreshed using SoniCaps, Mills resisters, and updated to the RDO-198’s.
Top and bottom “caps” refinished in a medium walnut. New grill cloth (of course). Larry’s rings, VR3 crossover plates, Cardis(?) terminals, and Nutrik connectors for the upgraded(Belkin) interconnect cable.

I’ve owned these for at least 4 years now and they are out of the rotation due to my 3.1TL’s and a host of other speaker choices I have. Yes, they sound as great as everyone says 3BTL’d do, I just don’t have anymore space…

I’d like to stay in the proximity of Houston, but could be persuaded to meet somewhere within a couple of hours.

$550 - PM for pics.


  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 14,069
    Holy Cra P, SUPER DEAL HERE AS WELL!!!!!!
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 41,224
    I agree
    Political Correctness'.........defined

    "A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a t-u-r-d by the clean end."

  • pglbookpglbook Posts: 1,509
    I have SDA 2B TLs and can attest to how great they sound. This is a great deal, especially with all of the mods done to them. If I were anywhere near Houston, I'd buy them myself just to have another pair. Someone should jump on this asap.
  • Gerres26Gerres26 Posts: 406
    Someone in the area needs to snag these.
  • DollarDaveDollarDave Posts: 2,577
    I also loctited the magnets and dynamited the baskets.
  • GlennDogGlennDog Posts: 1,780

    I've yet to fully mod my 2B Studios, and I wouldn't sell them for what you're asking

    They're my first big boy speakers . . . poly take 'em to the grave with me!

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    Wires MIT S3.3
    PSA PC AC-12
  • muncybobmuncybob Posts: 1,995
    I would be all over this, but that's too far of a road trip for me.
    Yep, my name really is Bob.
    Parasound HCA1500, Dynaco PAS4, Denon DP1200 w/Shure V15 Type V and Jico SAS stylus, Oppo BDP93, "upgraded" Polk SDA 2B.
  • DollarDaveDollarDave Posts: 2,577
    Left speaker
    The only corner bump -

    Terminal plate and interconnect

    Right speaker

  • DollarDaveDollarDave Posts: 2,577
    Much like I ended up shipping the CRS+’s, I would ship these if someone had the boxes..
  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 1,393
    Turn key speakers here folks....if I was in the market...and closer....I would make a day trip out of it for sure....GLWS!.
  • MontoyaMontoya Posts: 496
    I want them I am in Tomball .
  • DollarDaveDollarDave Posts: 2,577
    I'm close enough to deliver them. Would Saturday work?
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 3,253
    DollarDave wrote: »
    I'm close enough to deliver them. Would Saturday work?

    Way to go Dave, ask for the sale. I can see that your sales training is really shining through. ;)
    2.3TL, 3.1TL, SRS 2, SDA 2B, SDA II,SDA 1C, 7B, 7C, 7 series 2, 10B, 5JR+, 5JR, 5A, 4.5, 4, RTA 11TL, RTA 8TL, RTA 8T, LSI9 Ebony, LSI7 EBONY, LSI7 CHERRY, LSIC, RTI A7, RTI A3, CSI A4, CSI A6, F/XI A4, RTI4. That's all for now.
  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 1,393
    Nice. I also meant to say in my last post that "if I didn't already have a pair" I would make that trip.

    The 2B's are one of my favorite Polks so far, doubt I can part with them.
  • DollarDaveDollarDave Posts: 2,577
    edited March 14
  • Dr_WuDr_Wu Posts: 122
    Having just opened the CRS+ boxes, superbly packed and shipped by Dave, I can tell you he's a super gentleman to deal with. Thanks, again, Dave!
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