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I just got tix to see Peter Frampton (w/Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening) at SPAC (Saratoga, NY) on September 1. I have never seen him live and always wanted to. I found out about this tour this morning; the pre-sale started today. I read that this is his farewell tour (truly last tour, unlucky some artists who have a farewell tour every 3 or 4 years) as he was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting disease and most likely won't be able to play the guitar in the (hopefully distant) future. Has anyone seen him (or Jason Bonham's LZ Evening) recently? How was the show? Tix prices were pretty reasonable too, considering how pricey concerts are now.


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    Yeah, saw an interview with him last week I think it was. He explained the disease he is fighting. It is starting to have a big effect on his hands.
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    it was sad to hear.
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    Never seen PF but caught the Jason Bohnam show last November at "The Tabernacle" in Atlanta. Hell of a good show!

    Asked the wife about getting tickets to the Frampton tour but she said she wasn't really interested. I would love to hear "Do You Feel Like We Do" live.
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    Saw Frampton several times dating back to the follow up tour to the Comes Alive album. Great performer. Sad to hear of his health issues. Never seen Jason other than playing with Sammy Hagar in the Circle. Awesome drummer, chip off the old block.
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