Honey West

Anne Francis gives me a chubby just like when I was boy hmmm.


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    I bought the series off of Amazon after seeing her in the Twilight zone series I got
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    I might have to get this myself. I liked her in Forbidden Planet. The ultimate smash and grab. Grab the girl and the robot and we're out of here!!
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    She reminds me of Michelle w6eh03tdnmuy.jpg
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    This sent me off on a quest to find the hottest broads of the screen from days of yore, or even now for that matter. I have concluded that Anne Francis was the hottest besting even Barbara Eden, Tuesday Weld, and Natalie Wood!

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    Wth wrong thread. Just saw Marsha Brady and Bobby Sherman from long before I knew who they were. Hell I worked for Aaron Spelling for a minute. How was I to know this stuff goes back to when I was three.
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    Not much shooting but plenty of blows to the head, they should a be we todd did by the 5th episode
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