WTB: Polk RTi-12

Hey guys, I haven't been here in a long time! Anyway, I would love to buy a pair or RTi12 in black if any of you have some in good condition. I live in San Antonio, TX. I'll try to make shipping worth your while. Thanks!
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  • 200. Go grab them!!!
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    Bedroom consist of NHT model 2 powered by Parasound hca1200ii coming from my computer.

    Stuff laying around. Too much to list but don't want to sell either.
  • jwb0007jwb0007 Posts: 62
    Have had them. This is a smokin' offer!
    St. Louis, MO

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  • BjornB17BjornB17 Posts: 753
    Just bought a black pair from other member. Thanks for help 😀
    KEF Q150 | Rythmik F12 | Yamaha Aventage RX-A780
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