Is LSiM705 worth the upgrade from RTi12? Music mostly!

imsjryimsjry Posts: 120
I know I know....ANOTHER question about upgrading to LSiM's?? It's just hard to find my specific scenario in all the posts.

Current Setup: RTi12-2 channel only. B&K3030 amp, old Kenwood KA8004 as Preamp
Smaller Living Room. Music is primary listening.

I keep reading about how much more "musical" the LSiM series is and just wanted your thoughts based on my setup if it's worth spending the cash on them. While i personally have no complaints with the RTis, I'm of course always looking for the better sound. I just have a hard time imaging the LSiMs sound THAT much better considering the cost but i would love to be persuaded.

Thanks guys!


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    To me going from the RTI A series to the LSI M series was like going from a clock radio to the RTI A series, only more better.
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    The LSIM's are a much better sounding speaker line then the RTi line. This is a easy decision. Get them and sell the RT's.
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  • imsjryimsjry Posts: 120
    rpf65 wrote: »
    To me going from the RTI A series to the LSI M series was like going from a clock radio to the RTI A series, only more better.

    OK so it sounds like you're saying it's worth the $1000+ benefit which as I sit here listening to Los Lobos "Kiko" on the RTi's, I can't imagine! Can you give some thoughts on what the LSiM's do so well that the RTi's don't? Thanks!
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    Yes the LSIM's are much better with regards to music than the RTi's are simply because the RT in them stands for Reference Theater. Most people find the tweeters in the RTi's to be rather sharp which can get annoying after a while.

    Even the Signature series are better for music than the RTi's.

    Go for it and find out for yourself.
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  • Yeah for music it’s a big difference.

    HT not so much.

    I made the switch from RTI to LSiM, all 5 channels, last regrets.
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    Ok thanks for the opinions guys. I’m seriously thinking of talking the plunge. Any ideas who has the best deals on them? I’m thinking maybe I should buy local in the case I don’t dig em and want to return, right? Problem is not many places where I live that might have them and the prices will be rough!
  • HermitismHermitism Posts: 3,051
    Adorama is where everyone was getting good deals. I think they were using Slickdeals to find sales.

  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,127
    The RTI series is a different speaker entirely from the LSI M series.

    The RTI series emphasizes the mid range, this tends to enhance dialogue, while not degrading background sounds in the overall front sound stage. They are also designed to produce a more forward soundstage. This draws the listener into the scene, making appear more life like.

    As stated above, the RTI series was designed for more of the home theater enthusiast. This doesn’t mean that music enthusiasts don’t/ won’t enjoy them, but most will prefer something a little more tame, if you will.

    The LSI M series are designed primarily for music. The LSI M series doesn’t really emphasize anything. They’re just there, doing what’s asked of them, and trying their best to treat everything equally. Although slightly laid back, everything I’ve played through them have been treated right.

    I will say that the 705’s need a little bit of room. I mentioned this because you said they will be going into a smaller room. I positioned mine about 2 feet from the wall, for better bass response. There are quite a few people who have good results in smaller rooms.
  • imsjryimsjry Posts: 120
    RPF65, thanks for the information! Great stuff. I’d love to audition them somewhere but I feel like until speakers are in your house with your gear, anything you hear in a store is inaccurate.
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