Crossover frequencies for the Monitor 60 II and the CS20

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Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions regarding crossover frequencies. I have a modest home theater setup with a pair of Polk Monitor 60 II for the fronts, a CS20 for the center and a PSW10 subwoofer. I just bought a new receiver for the system, a Denon X3500H, hooked it up over the weekend and ran some Audyssey calibrations. I noticed that Audyssey automatically set the Crossover frequencies for the mains and the center to 40 Hz, which seems rather low to me. I have the option of bumping those frequencies up manually, and I was wondering what frequencies you'd recommend. My home theater setup is in a 12x20-ft living room, and it spans the 12' distance. Thank you for your help!


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    The lower -3db limit is 44hz for the towers and 48hz for the center, so in theory you could leave it that way and be fine. I remember when audyssey would occasionally set my CS20 at full range. I had a set-up almost identical to yours except it was a 5.1. Same sub too. Sounded great. Never had any complaints.

    Really I think the most compelling reason to change the xover point is to put less pressure on the x3500h amp channels. Then it becomes a question of the sub's optimal upper threshold. I always set the transition point to 80hz since that seems to be the norm.

    The x3500h has the optional multeq editor app available for $20. You could use that to tweak the bass a bit more while still leaving the audyssey room correction mostly unchanged. Otherwise, if you want to keep audyssey engaged, you're at the mercy of "restorer" and "dyn eq" to manage bass. In fact, the editor app would allow you to set an arbitrary starting point for the room correction changes. So, you could set it so that changes take effect at, say, 100hz and above. This would leave the lower bass totally peaky, which a lot of people apparently prefer. I say this because you'll see people complaining that audyssey "killed their bass."

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    Thank you, sponger. Such detailed response, and so very appreciated! I had no idea that there was an app available for further tweaking. I'll definitely look into it. I did end up setting the crossover to 80 Hz for both the fronts and the center. I don't see a huge difference in the sound, if any, at least not for cable TV and movie-viewing on Netflix of Amazon Prime. But, as you said, the real benefit to bumping up the crossover frequencies is perhaps a more indirect one. Thank you for you help!
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