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So I've had a Magnifi soundbar for almost two years now and I'm noticing now that there's an issue where, depending on what's happening, the audio processing/mix is really inconsistent. For reference: I've got the Magnifi soundbar connected to an LG UH6030 via Optical cable. Most of the content is streamed directly from the television with it's built-in apps. I also have a Steam Link and a Home Theater PC connected to it for Blu-Ray discs.

What's happening is this:
  • Volume mix is weird. Voices are super quiet while the background mix is loud and vice versa - all in the same program. Like, watching a kids show with my son and the voices are fine but then they sing a song and it goes super quiet. Song ends and the volume normalizes.
  • Another issue is kind of like the old-school problem of when commercials used to be super loud when your TV program was at a normal volume. Switch between apps on the same TV and it's all over the place.
  • The volume level between inputs is super uneven. For instance: when I'm playing games through my Steam Link, the volume is literally one click up from mute. Switch to Apps to watch Netflix and I have to turn it up to like, 3 lights on the bar (15 clicks?) for it to be a nominal level.

One of the things that appealed to me when I bought this sound bar was the VoiceAdjust(TM) feature - is that the problem here? Has this feature broken in a couple of years time? I've looked back over the product manual but there isn't anything in there about it being a toggled feature. I've searched about the first 10 pages of the search "Magnifi" here on the forum but that didn't bring anything relevant, so hopefully someone has heard of issues like this before. Thanks in advance.


  • Yes I have the same when a tv program goes to commercial the sound changes on its own. I assumed it was output from whatever show/commercial was on, but I haven't done too much research as of yet.
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  • I have a similar issue with the SB1+. Mine is fine when it has a stereo input, but when I have a dolby/multichannel input, then the sound mix is strange and not useable. The voices are very clear and loud and the background music and sound effects are muffled are very faint. I've been very dissapointed. I can basically only use stereo input.

    I'm not sure why this post shows answered. Nobody has offered a solution have they?
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